Harry remembers your notes and thoughts. Be more productive online!

Harry will remind you of your notes when you need them, wherever you are on the web.

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You don't need to try to find your notes anymore, they will find you.

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Take and save a screenshot wherever you are on the web. It can't be easier.

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What Clients Say.

Tina Wilkens

Harry remembers made my life easier as a recruiter; all I do is tell Harry that I think about a specific candidate, through his/her LinkedIn page, and then I am assured Harry will remember that forever.

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  • real time Easily save memos everywhere on the web
  • check Get reminded of them when you're back
  • check Take a screenshot of any part of the current page
  • check Have a universal searchable preview of all your saved memos
  • check Save as many memos as you want for each website
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